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Quick Sneaky Update

I had to write up a little bio for myself so that my supervisor could send it out. Here, be amused by it:

Morri is a Chicagoland native who received her undergraduate degree at Loyola University in Communication, then moved out west to San Diego for 4 years where she attended graduate school at the University of Phoenix and received a MS in Computer Information Systems. During her career she has been a radio disc jockey, worked in a medical school library, performed customer service for a domain name registrar, and most recently provided technical support for a national organization of attorneys.

She spends her free time reading mysteries, watching hockey (Go Wolves and Blackhawks!), being involved in the Harry Potter fandom, and playing with her year-old niece.

Oh yes - I outed myself as a crazy HP nut on my very first day. Go me!

Oh, and I bet everyone's just blown away by this:

Which Smallville 'Ship Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
Seven more hours til the season premiere!!!! How will I manage to learn anything today?!

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