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So tell me - why don't you and I hold each other?

Hmm... according to this I am just barely a geek. I only scored 19.32939%. I'm fairly certain that some of you will score higher, so have a go.

There is a quote that is in my head. It is not quite correct, but I cannot remember where I got it from. I could have read it or seen it in a TV show or movie - I don't think it's from a song. Anyone know what this is from, and what the correct quote is?
I have gotten used to the sight of your face.
Knowing me, it's something ridiculously huge and one of you is going to smack me around for not remembering, but that's allright, it's making me crazy and I NEED TO KNOW.

I am kind of depressed. Work is being very sucky and I am not even excited about going to my niece's birthday party on Saturday. There's only one thing I want and since I can't have that, I guess I should just suck it up instead of whinging about it. Yeah, sure. -.-

EDITED TO ADD: I am amused. My mom just told me that my sister wants us to bring her a copy of OotP (I basically got everyone except my dad to read all of the books after I got obsessed into them) when we come down on Saturday. This didn't surprise me - I just hope she can find enough time to finish it before the twins are born! So I asked my mom where our copies of OotP are, and she said one was on the kitchen table. I asked where the other one was, and who pipes up but my DAD to say HE'S reading it!! Then my mom and I had to try to get him to read PoA and GoF first, but he was having none of it. He insists on reading THIS BOOK, as he put it. *laughs* Oh well - out of order, but at least he's reading them. *smug*

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