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Welcome to Storm Central

We've had 4 days of really bad storms here in the Chicago area, and one of the times the power went out, my mom's hard drive got fried (despite 2 surge protectors, mind you). This is important because her computer acts as the server and makes it possible for me to have internet access - obviously, I do not currently have this at home, which I found out when I went home last night. Other storm casulties - the tree in the front yard (which luckily didn't hit the house or any of the cars) and one of my mom's back tires.

I have no idea when I'll have access from home again, and considering work is continuing to be hell I doubt I'll be around much the next 3 days, and then Saturday Mark arrives and Sunday we're off to Orlando. So I just wanted everyone to know that I'm alive but extremely stressed and busy and without internet beyond work hours. Leave me a message if you need something and I'll get back to you before I leave.

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