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03 July 2003 @ 03:34 pm
Poorly written and rife with British stereotypes, but...  
OMG THIS IS SO FUNNY!!! wankersore posted it first and I had to post it too, because it's SO bad. For the uninitiated, they are playing on the big huge baseball story that happened here in Chicago a month or so ago, where Sammy Sosa's bat broke and there was cork inside, which apparently makes it easier to hit a baseball (I don't like baseball so if I'm getting any of this wrong, oh well). So Sammy got suspended and it was a HUGE DEAL and very nasty and he claimed he had no idea how he had a corked bat. But the innuendos in this piece are also priceless. Harry Potter fanfic written by a sportwriter - you have to love it.
I feel: amusedamused
Teesside Snog Monster: gamesjiggery_pokery on July 3rd, 2003 02:35 pm (UTC)

Excellent, eeeeexcellent. :-)

I may have to nick some of the gags for Quidditch at Nimbus myself... :-)