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Has Steven Kloves been reading my slash?!

So, I finally got around to uploading my fics onto my own site (Plug, plug - Morrigan's Harry Potter Slash), and I discovered something. Long before the trailers for Chamber of Secrets came out, I had, in fact, written one of the lines located in said trailer. The line?

You wish. Yes, I have Harry saying it to Draco. *is amused*
And no, I don't really think that Steve Kloves, the screenplay writer for the first 2 movies, has really been reading my stuff. I am just easily amused. Be amused with me! You know you want to.

Edited: As shakespearechic was kind enough to hunt up, "You wish" is CANON. And I am a bloody moron. But you knew that already. -.-

I also need to beat altricial with a big stick. She has gone and gotten me into Queer As Folk, and I need another TV show to be into - when I have NO access to a television! I am going to have to beg just to see Smallville every week! - about as much as I need a hole in my head. I have to wait until I get the disks from Toby, which could be a while you know! *is a whinger*

So, yeah. Work tomorrow. *wibbles* Don't know when I'll be home, but I'll be on whenever that is. *clings*

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