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How much do I love Hotel Paper? Let me count the ways...

I got Michelle Branch's sophomore effort, Hotel Paper, Friday night and I already love it. I think my current faves are Are You Happy Now?, Find My Way Back, Love Me Like That (she and Sheryl Crow are incredible together!), and Breathe. But really, I love the entire thing, just as I love the first one. For the past 2 days I've listened to it once on the way to work and once on the way back, and I doubt this will change anytime soon.

The back of my desk chair, which I have had for about 4 years I think, has suddenly given out. This is highly unnecessary as I do not want to be spending money on anything but the trip at this point. I will see if Dad can fix it.

I made the reservation for the special thing for Mark and I today, which made me very happy and excited and why-isn't-it-10-days-from-now-yet?!?!

Work was hellish today, and tomorrow will probably be more of the same. I can hardly contain my joy.

Last night I argued with my brother over whether McGonagall or Snape was more powerful. Knowing me, you can guess which position I took and therefore which he took. My brother is very annoying to argue with - he is ALWAYS right, no matter the evidence presented to him. I honestly don't know why I bothered, but it bugged me. I'm sure he thought he won. It was very stupid. Just now he asked me what Dumbledore said to Voldemort at the end of OotP. I was like, I've only read the book once all the way through so far, I hardly have it memorized!!! He expressed extreme disappointment in me. I'm beginning to think that he is Percy, which would make sense except I'm still more Hermione than Ginny any day. -.-

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