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1. Describe in five words or less how you feel about Order of the Phoenix. (your initial reaction)


2. What are your feelings on Harry's personality? Do you think he is overly cynical, depressed, etc. . . .?

I think that while it's hard to read, it's actually completely accurate. I was glad to see Harry finally expressing some emotion, even if it was a LOT of anger. That's actually fairly typical of people who've been through major traumas, and for a child/teenager to go through so much... in many respects it's amazing he isn't in St. Mungo's.

3. Do you think Order of the Phoenix is appropriate for children 13 and younger? Why or why not?

Oh hell no. I think in the next few weeks there will be a huge uproar from parents screaming that this book is giving their former Harry-loving children nightmares and denouncing JKR. My boss gave me this week's Time magazine that has "Why Harry Potter Rules" on the cover, along with a bunch of 8-10 year-olds wearing Harry glasses, and my first thought was none of you should be reading this book. That having been said, I could've handled it at the age of 10, but then, I was a ridiculously mature child - my mother called me her "10-year-old going on 30." I've regressed a lot since then. ;)

4. List your five most hated characters (either in Book 5 or the whole series, non-humans can be included).

1. Umbridge
2. Fudge
3. Pettigrew
4. Voldemort
5. Kreacher

5. Percy turned away from his family. Will he come crawling back to them now or . . .?

I knew this was coming. It was one of the few really obvious things. That having been said, I really hope Percy gets his brain stuck back in his head, because I like my Weasleys One Big Happy Family, thankyouverymuch.

6. What did you think of the new DADA's punishment? Why didn't Harry nor Lee complain?

What a sadistic psychobitch. I think cygnusfap analyzed her the best, but man, I wanted to beat the crap out of her for everything she did, not only to Harry but to all of Hogwarts. As for why they didn't complain - abused kids never do. It's a mixture of helplessness and fear and the feeling that they deserve what's happening to them.

7. What do you think of James and Lily now?

Eh. I am slightly more interested in the Maurader era now, but that's not exactly saying much. Certainly an interesting dynamic - I wonder whether we'll find out more about how things changed between them.

8. Has your opinion (which is probably not too good) of Petunia Dursley changed? If yes, how so?

A bit. It was good to see that a) she can stick her neck out for Harry and b) she can stand up to her husband. Perhaps neither of those will happen often, but it's still mildly encouraging.

9. What's the meaning of Snape's nickname in your opinion?

Umm, hello. Who wrote this thing? Do you not know the meaning of the word "snivelling"? Here's a definition for you: 1. To run at the nose; to make a snuffling noise.
2. To cry or whine with snuffling, as children; to cry weakly or whiningly.
Ultimately, they were playing on the name Severus, and most likely the fact that he was a whinger or arsekisser.

10. What do you think of the character death? Do you think s/he will return? The "death" of this person was vague and not very final; however, remember that JKR said she cried over this character's death.

If he comes back, I will be peeved. Yes, it was a bit vague, but sometimes death is vague in the Muggle world, too. Sometimes there's no body or there can't be a funeral or any sort of real way to say goodbye. And as I've said elsewhere, this was necessary, because Harry has to be alone. He now, once again, has no family in the wizarding world. Yes, he has many friends, but that isn't the same. To set things up for the ending, Harry needs to be alone.

11. Do you think fanfiction will be hurt by Book 5? Do you see any new pairings arising? Do you see any huge ships falling apart?

I'm afraid I'll have to say that I don't get a rat's arse if fanfiction is hurt. Fanfiction is for fun, but it shouldn't be taken so seriously that new canon - which is ultimately what matters - can be considered to "hurt" it.
As for ships, eh. I see Harry/Luna as a possibility. I'll happily wave goodbye to Harry/Cho. Harry/Ginny? Hmm, maybe. But ultimately I go back to my "Harry will be alone" stance. I was sad to see that Ron/Hermione doesn't seem to have much happening in this book, but it's hardly the end of the world. Neither Hermione nor Ron is doing much with anyone else, so I suppose it might still happen. I was very amused by Ginny being the one with the most romantic entanglements, and while I can see what the Ron/Ginny shippers are saying, I think it's VERY one-sided, as in, Ron's side only. Ginny's too busy to think of Ron like that, other than he's being a bit of an arse about her having boyfriends.

12. What was your favourite chapter in Order of the Phoenix? Why?

I doubt I could give a favorite chapter in any of the other books, and I certainly couldn't for this one without numerous more readings.

13. Talk about Fred and George's "flight."

It RULED. I felt their antics were a very necessary break from the utter bleakness of most of the book.

14. Give some thoughts on Ron.

Ron, Ron, Ron... I still adore him, but I felt as though he got short shift in this book. Things would be almost good for him, and then he'd have a setback. I want Ron to be more than mediocre, more than just the sidekick. I continue to hope for him.

15. What did you think of Dumbledore's explanation?

ARGH. One would think that a man 150 years old would have more SENSE. What was he thinking?! GAH.

16. Do you feel satisfied by this book?

Yes, yes, a hundred times yes! Was it frustrating? Hell yes. Was it hard to get through in places, painful to read at times? OHHHH YES. But worth every agonizing moment.

17. How anxious are you now for Book 6?

I would like it yesterday, please.

And can I just say how ecstatic I was that the whole "Why isn't Hermione in Ravenclaw" thing was addressed? I was really, really happy, not just to know that she is kind of both, but also to know that Harry's experience was not an unusual one. It gave a whole new dimension to the sorting, in my mind.

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