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Oh lookie, my geekiness is in black and white and a Nimbus mention, too! >:D

I've checked but the article isn't on the Chicago Tribune's website (will check again tomorrow), so here's what it says in the relevant section:

Butler has a basement filled with Harryphernalia: Harry Potter pillows, banners, glasses, posters.

But she may be topped by Vicki D-------, 31, of B-------, whose Illinois license plate reads HOGWRTS 1 (edit: it's HOGWTS 1 actually).

After seeing the first Harry Potter movie (edit: it was BEFORE), D------ read the first four Harry Potter books "in about three days. I was hooked, and said, 'This just isn't enough.'" So she joined an Internet chat group to discuss some of the more arcane points of the series -- and met her boyfriend, a Londoner (edit: ARGH I TOLD HER WHERE MARK LIVED) and fellow Harry devotee -- online.

Serious adult fans will gather in Florida in July for Nimbus 2003, billed as "a good mix of academic conference and 'fancon'" on the Potter series.

She got a number of things wrong, but eh well. Am still moderately more famous than I was before, although I'm not certain that's saying much. ;)

And FWIW, I'm now on chapter 28 and intend to be done by tomorrow. If I hadn't had to go to Springfield and back (3 hours each way) for my sister's babies shower, I would've been done already. But it was nice and fun - I won the "Who knows Barb best?" game (but only because our mom wrote many of the questions and so was disqualified!) and got a candle, lotion and bath salts as my prize. But most fun was getting to play with my niece a bit - she gets more adorable all the time. I was going to put up a pic of me holding her, but all of those turned out crap, so here is

I think the expression on her face here makes her look older than not-even-2-yet. Okay, time to find some sustenance, then back to the Book. >:D

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