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If I wasn't already going to England, this would make me go. Immediately.

My excuse for updating right now is that I've just gotten out of the shower and I need to dry before I can continue throwing things around my room frantically. But on to the subject line.

On my way home, I heard a most disturbing commercial on the radio. The ad started out by saying that The Chicago Shakespeare Theater was producing The Little Mermaid, an original musical. Uh huh. Funny, I thought Disney did that a few years ago and botched the ending. I was also a bit baffled as to why a Shakespeare theatre was doing, umm, something OTHER than Shakespeare. But apparently I did not wait long enough, for the other production coming this summer is A Midsummer Night's Dream. Aha, I think. All is well, with a Shakespeare theatre actually doing Shakespeare.

But I was wrong. So wrong.

For then they threw in the kicker: fast-paced, abridged production — narrated by a rapping, hip-hop fairy.


Oh, and did I mention that their website is called Chicago Shakes?!

Cannot cope. Am off to England, birthplace of the Bard, where they hopefully do not do such atrocities to his work.

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