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I sent my brother to change my dollars into pounds today. I needed 40 pounds and the website said that would be about $65, and all I had was $20 bills so I gave him $80. Turns out it was a good thing, as the total came to $76 and change - apparently the exchange rate went up. Color me unamused.

In other news, my foot seems to be getting better but it still hurts and looks icky. Also, my dad has found the little carryon size luggage with the pull-out handle and wheels for me, and I think this will be much easier to manouvere through the airports and will hopefully make things easier on me, as it is generally easier to pull something than carry it. At least that is my hope.

Finally, if you have any last requests for things I should bring, comment now or forget it, as I am going shopping tomorrow night after work. And now, bed.

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