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All my interview questions!

These were some interesting and tough questions, at times. Now, if you want me to ask you something, leave a comment - I will come up with 1-5 questions depending on how crazy things get this weekend.

Questions from andrush:

1) You're walking down a road and you come to a fork. One way goes right and the other goes left. Down each path grows a garden with one tree. The right path holds the tree of love. You eat from the fruit and you love and are loved forever. The left path holds the tree of wisdom and life. You eat from the fruit and you live forever, knowing all. Which path do you choose?

The right path. If you'd have asked me that 4 months ago, I'm fairly certain I would've chosen the left, because I was sure I'd never meet someone wonderful or have the chance at love. Now, I've met someone who's made me willing to open my heart and has shown me how amazing life can be if you truly mesh with another person.

2) You die in two weeks. What three things do you do, before you go?

1) Spend as much time with family and friends as possible
2) Make love to my boyfriend repeatedly (and yes that IS only one thing! >:0!!!)
3) Make videotaped messages for my niece and future nieces/nephews

3) Why Hermione/Ron? Why not Hermione/Harry?

Mostly because I don't think Harry will have a real love interest in the books. I firmly believe that Harry will die at the end of book 7, and JKR doesn't strike me as the type to leave a weeping girlfriend behind. Also, I think Harry and Hermione just make more sense as friends - there's no spark there, like Ron and Hermione have. And lastly because I'm Hermione and I just like Ron better. I'm a sucker for a good sense of humor. >:D<

4) I've found that the grass is never greener on the other side. Except in Kentucky. Explain.

Kentucky is known for its bluegrass, which isn't actually blue, but a very dark, rich green. Hence, the grass actually does look greener in Kentucky.

5) What is your favorite style of underwear?
Hi-cut bikini. Comfortable and stylish.

Questions from jiggery_pokery:
1. You've said in the past that you seriously considered sex therapy as an education and career path. What would the pros and cons be of switching to it in the next year or two?

The major con, which is what makes it completely impossible, is money. I have barely started paying on the student loans I acquired during my last stint in grad school, and I'll be paying on them for a long time. The last thing I need is to increase that amount. I also don't know that I would be able to get into grad school - the competition may be fierce, I have no idea. Lastly, there aren't that many schools that do a sex therapy/education program, so I'd have to move somewhere else, which would mean quitting my job... you see how this just won't work. Pros - I might like it more than what I'm doing now. It would be something that is more of a service to the community. But I can't see it being possible unless someone who likes me wins the lottery. ;)

2. What made the most memorable hockey game you've ever seen so particularly special?

Hmmm. Probably the game where my team won the league championship in 2001. One of our players had been severely injured in an earlier playoff game and had ended up paralyzed. The doctors said he'd never walk again. He insisted on being brought, by ambulance on a stretcher, to the game to talk to his teammates. He told them to go out there and win it all - and they did. I was crying at the end of the game - the emotion that filled the stadium was overwhelming. The only thing that would've made it better would have been if I'd had a friend to go with, to share that with. I actually built a website to take donations to help that player and ran it for a while. I received emails and mailed them to him, but sadly, although I got some support from the team in the beginning, that dwindled and I never heard from the player, so I shut the site down. He has improved a great deal; that October, he walked into the stadium and out onto the ice to drop the first puck at a game. It was only about 5 months later. Here's the most recent news on him.

3. Is the concept of a Smallville movie at all plausible? How do Smallville canon, Superman movie canon and Superman comic canon interact?

I think it's very possible that they could end up making a movie someday, although I don't know that they will. It's all about the money, honey. I'm afraid I know next to nothing about Superman comic book canon and I never watched Lois and Clark, but I did of course see all the Superman movies. Having said that, there's no real interaction yet. Apparently they are taking a lot of Smallville from the Superboy comics, and I know nothing about comics in general. I am really useless when it comes to this - I just happened to watch the first episode and got hooked. But as I never watch TV anymore, I feel less and less of an SV compulsion. I still haven't watched the last 6 episodes or so, even though I've downloaded them all.

4. What are the highlights and low points of life in Chicago?

Highlights: Being near my family and the few friends that are still in the area. How gorgeous Lake Shore Drive is - I love that I get to drive along the lake every day. The food - Chicago-style pizza, Italian beef sandwiches, White Castle hamburgers.

Low points: The weather - I HATE winter. I DETEST snow. I ABHOR it being below zero F out. I also hate how hot and humid it gets in the summer. I really REALLY miss San Diego's weather. Hmm. I don't know what else to complain about.

5. You have the chance to participate in the filming of a movie of your choice. What position would you like to take and why? (This isn't a "position" gag - while "on top of Michael Rosenbaum as a participant in a porn movie" would be one possible answer, "responsible for selecting the most beautiful scenery shots possible for Prisoner of Azkaban" would be another.)

Easy - voice actor in an animated film. I've always wanted to do voice acting - people have told me repeatedly what a great voice I have. If I'd knew who to talk to, I really would try to do voice acting - commercials, movies, whatever.

Questions from wankersore:
What's something you really, really wish you could do?

Walk wherever I wanted without having to worry about being in pain or needing to sit down.

Tell me about your first kiss - who it was with, if you wanted it, how you felt afterwards, all that.

Oh GODS this is a horrible story. was with a guy named Brent (I think). He had a crush on a friend of mine. They were both at my house and she had no interest in him. I don't entirely recall how it happened, but we were alone in my room and he kissed me. I guess I wanted it - I wanted the idea that a guy found me attractive enough to kiss. Of course, I didn't know that wasn't the way it worked when I was 15. Afterwards I realized I wanted more, and of course, he wanted nothing to do with me. Years later, I walked into a gas station here in the town I lived in and he was the cashier. I looked right at him and asked if he remembered me. He said no. I said, "Oh really? You gave me my first kiss," and after delighting in the stunned look on his face, walked out.

What's something you like, but you keep it on the downlow because it is kind of silly or embarrassing?

Huh. This was hard, because I don't get embarassed easily I don't think. Probably the fact that I do like a few Britney Spears songs - earth shattering, I know.

What is the handiest trick you've ever learned?

Crtl-c and crtl-v. Sounds lame but seriously, I use that at work, home - anything I do on a computer. If I had to use a mouse things would take a lot longer. Other than that, parallel parking.

If you know how your parents met/fell in love/got married, tell me about it. If you don't, make up a story about them and tell that to me.

They were introduced by friends, and those friends stood up for them when they got married. A sort of interesting thing about them getting married is that my mom's family is Methodist and my dad's is Catholic, and in order to get married my mom converted. I'm still not sure how that worked since my dad is divorced, but it made things interesting - back when I was very young we actually went to church, and my parents had the priest over for dinner sometimes. I have fond memories of my mother arguing with the priest about abortion and birth control over dinner.

Questions from resmiranda:
1. How did you get into the HP fandom?

Back in the fall of 01 I saw lots of ads for the first movie, and I thought it looked interesting, but I didn't want to see it until I read the books. I didn't have much money so I got all 4 out of the library and read them in about 3 days, I think, and totally fell in love. I wanted more, so I started searching the web, and I think I found FA before anything else. It all snowballed from there, and here I am, nearly 2 years later.

2. What would be the perfect date?

This is going to sound boring, but I'm really not that complicated. A nice dinner, a movie, and lots of sex. Not necessarily in that order.

3. If you were a song, which song would you be?

It's a song that's about how hard it is to accept that there are ups and downs in life.

"That's the Way It Is" - Jo Dee Messina
Everybody wants an easy ride on the merry-go-round that we call life
Take a drive on cruise control, then you wake to find it's a winding road
I had my dreams in view when the money ran out and the engine blew
Hung my tears out to dry, then my dreams fell outta the clear blue sky
And I, I was walking in the clouds feeling so safe and sound
'Til something else knocks me down

Oh and that's the way it is
You gotta roll with the punches
Oh and that's the way it goes
You gotta bend when the wind blows
You live, you learn
You crash and burn
It's hit or miss
And that's the way it is

One fine day you wake up, completely, hopelessly fallen in love
He's just what you're looking for, the only problem is that the man's not sure
Another guy'll give you everything, the only problem is you don't feel a thing
Well I know from experience, nothing's ever gonna make perfect sense
Oh, one day you get what you want, but it's not what you think, then you get what you need

(repeat chorus)

They say your soul is growing
But sometimes I feel like throwing something

(repeat chorus)

4. Liquor, beer, wine, cocktails, or non-alcoholic, and why?

Cocktails. I love mixed drinks, as my recent foray to Dawn's Club Tropic proved. However, I do like the occasional glass of white wine (not so much into other types), and I will also drink beer, but only dark or amber. But I'd still prefer a nice fruity concoction. They just taste good to me.

5. What is your favorite holiday, and why?

Christmas. I'm not religious (firmly agnostic), but I believe in it as a time for family and friends to show caring and love for one another. It's just special - perhaps it's just another thing that brings out the kid in me.

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